Be a Surrogate Mother

If you qualify to be a surrogate mother with the California Surrogate Agency, then you already know what pregnancy and birth is like…but that’s not all there is to being a surrogate mother! The surrogacy experience is one of the most rewarding you can undertake in your life, but it’s a different type of commitment than adding a new member to your own family. In addition to your prenatal care, pregnancy, labor and delivery, you’ll also be committing to…

  • Participation in the full screening process, including personality profiles and home visits.
  • A visit to a psychologist so that your ability to handle the surrogacy experience can be assessed.
  • Meetings with the intended parents you will work with. All of our intended parents are screened just as carefully as you will be screened, and these meetings are designed to ensure we find the most compatible matches.
  • Meetings with an attorney to ensure everything is legal and all parties involved are protected.
  • The medical procedure of getting pregnant itself, which consists of a multi-step process involving hormone therapy and the embryo transfer.

Are You Ready to Be a Surrogate?

Surrogacy can be one of the most rewarding, exciting experiences of your life, but it’s also a long-term commitment to helping another family grow. If you want to be a surrogate, we invite you to please fill out our application today, and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss any questions you may have.

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